Precipice: Vinyl LP
Ill Considered

Precipice: Vinyl LP

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Label: New Soil
Release Date: 22nd March

Ill Considered always work best when plying those improvisational roots, that spontaneous organised chaos lightning captured in a bottle (or tape). It's an energy they revisit on 'Precipice', which is inspired by the avant gard jazz of the 70s.

'Precipice' takes Ill Considered back to their improvisational roots

Idris Rahman, Emre Ramazanoglu & Liran Donin operate as one to create an album highlighting their superlative talents and rightful position at the helm of the UK's Jazz scene. A rebirth following 2021's acclaimed 'Liminal Space', this new album has a raw, stripped simplicity harking back to the seminal albums of 70's Jazz. Ill Considered collaborate again with acclaimed visual artist Vincent De Boer to create the artwork for the album.

Ill Considered formed in 2017 after Emre Ramazanoglu and Idris Rahman played together on some sessions and were motivated to try a new, fully improvised project with drums, bass, sax (and occasionally) percussion. The first jam they recorded, was then mixed and mastered in the same 24 hours by Emre and became the the band's first album. The band continued recording everything, pressing vinyl and distributing this via their own label. This DIY approach as led to nine albums recorded both in the studio and live over three years built them a strong following as well as the respect and admiration of many of the leading lights in the UK jazz scene and beyond. Now for the first time, these albums will all be made available to a wider audience on streaming platforms allowing the world to discover the unique sonic universe of Ill Considered for themselves!

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