Steady Away: Vinyl LP
Chris Brain

Steady Away: Vinyl LP

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Label: Big Sun Records
Release Date: 6th October

Who doesn't fancy bedding down with some warm British folk with lilting strings and enchanting picked guitar and a voice that sounds like each sentence is the most charming story you've ever been told? Chris Brain, again with one of the finest English modern folk records we've heard in a while.

For those who dig: Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, John Martyn, Jim Ghedi, Spencer Cullum...

Chris Brain emerged out of Leeds' vibrant folk scene in 2022 with his debut, critically acclaimed and widely distributed album, Bound to Rise, reaching #22 in the UK Folk Charts.

His much-anticipated second album, Steady Away, moves inward and takes on a more self-reflective quality, whilst retaining glimmers of soaring figures and pastoral imagery.

Brain's distinctive warm vocal and finger-picked guitar style are sustained alongside expansive strings and delicate piano arrangements, taking shape through evolving and introspective impressions on tenderness, loss, pain and awe in nature.

The album was recorded at The Nave, an old refurbished church which is now a studio. Glancing off The Nave's eaved ceilings with natural reverb, Steady Away's 11 tracks, recorded by Tom Orrell, capture the intimacy of Chris' songwriting. Musicians appearing with Chris on the album are, on piano - Simeon Walker, violin - Mary-Jane Walker and on double bass - Alice Phelps.

Steady Away further embeds Chris Brain within the contemporary folk scene, whilst gesturing towards the folk tradition. His commitment to folk is only deepened by the two folk clubs and folk festival in Leeds that Chris founded and runs, attracting a wide range of audiences and musicians alike.

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