To Dream: Shades Of Grey Triple Vinyl LP
To Dream: Shades Of Grey Triple Vinyl LP
Andwella & Andwellas Dream

To Dream: Shades Of Grey Triple Vinyl LP

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Label: Numero Records
Release Date: 15th March

Why aren’t Andwella (and Andwella's Dream) a household name? Or at least one of those oft recounted Uncut/Mojo mag bands? I know old psycheheads will be in the know but for many let this Numero boxset of their three albums be a gateway to a band who started off making heavy shredding psychedelic garage rock with tripped out orchestration and then went onto rootsy blues and finally ended up somewhere between The Band and Nick Drake.

Hold on to your mind! Led by Belfast-born phenom David Lewis, Andwella made three LPs circa 1970 for London’s Reflection label, redolent with Cream-y rock workouts, soaring post-Sgt. Pepper psych experimentation, and earthbound laments The Band might’ve dreamt up at Big Pink. Barely heard back then, they now conjure a popular rock fantasia to challenge the most expertly composed and orchestrated songs of the era. This deluxe set includes meticulous reproductions of the band’s 3-LP discography, plus an ephemera-packed booklet detailing Lewis’s brief moment as a downbeat songwriting visionary at the height of his powers.

Side A
1 - The Days Grew Longer
For Love
2 - Sunday
3 - Lost A Number Found
A King
4 - Man Without A Name
5 - Clockwork Man
6 - Cocaine

Side B
1 - Shades Of Grey
2 - High On A Mountain
3 - Andwella
4 - Midday Sun
5 - Take My Road
6 - Felix
7 - Goodbye

Side C
1 - Hold On To Your Mind
2 - Lady Love
3 - Michael Fitzhenry
4 - I’m Just Happy To See
You Get Her
5 - Just How Long

Side D
1 - World’s End Part I
2 - World’s End Part II
3 - Back On The Road
4 - I Got A Woman
5 - Reason For Living
6 - Shadow Of The Night

Side E
1 - She Taught Me To Love
2 - Saint Bartholomew
3 - The World Of An- gelique
4 - Mississippi Water
5 - I’ve Got My Own

Side F
1 - Are You Ready
2 - Four Days In Septem- ber
3 - Lazy Days
4 - People’s People
5 - Behind The Painted
6 - All For You

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