Transparent Things: Transparent Vinyl LP + Behind The Lyrics Booklet
Transparent Things: Transparent Vinyl LP + Behind The Lyrics Booklet
Gia Ford

Transparent Things: Transparent Vinyl LP + Behind The Lyrics Booklet

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Label: Chrysalis
Release Date: 13th September

The songs of Gia Ford's 'Transparent Things' are character portraits of outcasts and outsiders, that's something you record folk can get down with, right? These tales are richly backed with sound that at some points recalls Portishead, Air and St. Vincent, whilst the guitar subtly shreds, there's an air of Americana and the grandiose without being over pomped-out.

How often do we hear from the outsider’s perspective? For rising new artist Gia Ford, those figures on the fringes of society are by far the most fascinating. Her songs tell the stories of the downtrodden to the down right dangerous. And through them, we begin to hear familiar, uncomfortable truths about ourselves. 

Transparent Things is Gia Ford's debut album, and first album release with Chrysalis Records. Produced by Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers) at Sound City Studios in LA. Since the release of her first single at the end of 2023,Gia has been championed by a number of taste maskers, including being chosen in The Independent's Ones To Watch for 2024.

"One to keep a close eye on" - Far Out Magazine
"A potent display of her blossoming talent" - CLASH Magazine 

Transparent Things is about alienation. “Most of the characters in these songs are outcasts, all with unique ways of feeling on the periphery, somehow,” Ford says. “I’ve discovered, through the grouping of these songs, that I’m drawn to this sort of story.” While each song operates in its own realm, their subject matters create a throughline of eccentricity that turns Transparent Things into a kind of odyssey of outcasts. 

“Transparent Things isn’t a concept album, but I think I have always been drawn to darker subject matters,” she says. “We’ve all gone through a period of not understanding why we feel a certain way, or having the sense that something is missing in our lives. We’ve all felt like outsiders.” - Gia Ford

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