Year Away: Vinyl LP
Kacey Johansing

Year Away: Vinyl LP

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Label: Night Bloom Records
Release Date: 28th July

Don't you just like a musician who could just operate at any time in music, be on any stage and writing music alongside anybody else and hold their head high. Kacey Johansing is that good, putting together a band of players who just make the warmest, most intimate and rewarding sounds, just so much depth to the playing. Kacey's voice, it's ethereal, it's like the wind, clouds and the rivers, it's natural and hits all the right notes, with lyrics and lines that linger with you. Magic wee record.

For those who dig: Weather Station, Weyes Blood, Joni, Hannah Cohen, Marina Allen, Sun June, Sam Burton and anything Sam Evian has produced.

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